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Mengenal Hidup Dalam Arti Sesungguhnya dari Masyarakat yang terdiskriminasi oleh sistem yang memiskinkan dan korup. Saat ini Bekerja disebuah Lembaga Swadaya Masyarakat dengan Issue Anti Korupsi dan Pernah aktif dalam Jaringan Kerja Gerakan Lingkungan, Tani dan Nelayan. Photography Adalah Aktivitas Merekam Cahaya, Komposisi Cerita, dan Detail serta Warna Dalam Sebuah Figura. Available for assignments; editorial, documentary, portraits, commercial

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“ Seluruh gambar dan informasi yg ada dalam website ini dilindungi oleh Undang-undang HAK CIPTA No. 19 - Tahun 2002 "

Coins For Justice

A volunteer carries a sack of coins for Prita Mulyasari who has to pay a fine of 204 million rupiah (21,400 USD) after she was convicted of defamation by a local court, in Jakarta on December 15, 2009. From Aceh to Bali, Indonesians have donated a truckload of coins in support of a woman jailed for criticising health care provision in an email to friends. Indonesians were so touched that volunteers began collecting money on the streets, in offices and in kindergartens and publishing details on the social networking site Facebook, demonstrating how the web can now mobilise people scattered across this vast archipelago. The counting of coins for Prita is continuing, so far the total has reached 448 million rupiah (48,172 USD).

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