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Mengenal Hidup Dalam Arti Sesungguhnya dari Masyarakat yang terdiskriminasi oleh sistem yang memiskinkan dan korup. Saat ini Bekerja disebuah Lembaga Swadaya Masyarakat dengan Issue Anti Korupsi dan Pernah aktif dalam Jaringan Kerja Gerakan Lingkungan, Tani dan Nelayan. Photography Adalah Aktivitas Merekam Cahaya, Komposisi Cerita, dan Detail serta Warna Dalam Sebuah Figura. Available for assignments; editorial, documentary, portraits, commercial

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“ Seluruh gambar dan informasi yg ada dalam website ini dilindungi oleh Undang-undang HAK CIPTA No. 19 - Tahun 2002 "

Survives with Salty Fish
The old woman named Zainabun, 64, she is one of many victims of tsunami who haven't have a permanent house yet. With her only son, they lives in a temporary shelter. Ironically, in Lambeuso Village, Aceh Jaya, where she lives, most of people had received houses from various humanitarian organizations.

Zainabun has been trying hard to propose for a house, and it seems it is getting difficult since the housing project for victim of tsunami will be finished soon.

For living, she collects oyster and fishes to be sell in the market. She also makes salty fish. The process takes three to five days, it also depends to weather condition. In a week she can sells four or five fishes, less than USD 1 for each. []

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